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Rancho Cucamonga, California




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A large non-profit orginization in Rancho is seeking a part time Bookkeeper. This company helps children with school clothes and helps kids that are at the end of their time as a Foster Child get on their feet. This position is part time and the ideal candidate will have an accounting background with working expereince in Quickbooks.


M-F - 9AM to 1PM - $20-$25 DOE


Please apply at and then give us a call at 909-756-4320 so we can conduct a brief phone interview.


The Bookkeeper is a part-time paid position reporting to the Treasurer.


Duties – Accounts Payable

  1. Reimbursement checks are prepared once per week.
  2. All invoices or requests for reimbursement, accompanied by original receipts, are to be approved by the respective Board member or committee chairman before they are submitted to the Bookkeeper for payment.
  3. Reimbursements will not be processed without proper documentation.
  4. Expenses not submitted for reimbursement within thirty (30) days from the date of purchase/event shall be considered a donation to the chapter.
  5. Requests for reimbursement must be submitted to the Bookkeeper no later than fifteen (15) days after the close of the fiscal year.  Reimbursement requests not received within that time shall be considered a donation to the chapter.
  6. Bookkeeper shall review invoices and reimbursement requests for proper approval and proper back-up (original receipts or invoices).
  7. Assign committee number based on committee noted on check request and assign account number based on committee’s approved annual budget.
  8. Enter invoices and reimbursement requests in QuickBooks.
  9. Print checks.
  10. Give checks with back-up to Treasurer for signature.
  11. After checks are signed by two authorized signers, remove and staple bottom of check to back-up and file in accounts payable drawer.
  12. Place check in envelope, put stamp on envelope and mail.


Duties – Receipts


  1. All checks, cash and credit card payments are given to Bookkeeper with the exception of Thrift Shop.
  2. Copies of checks and original Annual Member Information & Dues Remittance Forms received for membership are placed in VP Membership’s in box.
  3. Copies of checks and back-up received for grants or donations are placed in VP Resource Development’s in box.
  4. Assign committee number and account number.  If unsure, verify with appropriate VP or Chair.
  5. Enter into QuickBooks.
  6. Deposit checks electronically through B of A Check Processor.  Place copy of check and back-up in receipt files in accounting drawer and file batch of actual checks in storage room.
  7. Process credit cards using Square.  Place copy of back-up in receipt files in accounting drawer.
  8. Complete deposit slip for cash received, place in envelope, and put in Thrift Shop Assistant Treasurer’s in box to deposit at bank.  Assistant Treasurer will provide bank receipt for deposit.


Duties – Month End

  1. As soon as possible after the end of the month, the Thrift Shop Assistant Treasurer provides a check, journal entries and financial reports for the Thrift Shop activity.  The check is electronically deposited and the journal entries are entered into QuickBooks using the last day of the month.
  2. The Thrift Shop Assistant Treasurer provides a journal entry to record payroll expenses for the Bookkeeper.  A transfer is made from the AL bank account to the Thrift Shop bank account for the amount of this payroll.  Note:  If the Bookkeeper is paid by an agency, the monthly invoice is paid through accounts payable.  If the Bookkeeper is put on payroll, the Thrift Shop Assistant Treasurer pays her through ADP at the same time she pays the Thrift Shop Associate.
  3. After all deposits are made and checks are issued for the month, the Treasurer is notified and the bank reconciliation is completed by the Treasurer.
  4. The Bookkeeper prepares the financial reports and reviews them with the Treasurer.
  5. After approval of the financial reports, the Bookkeeper makes copies for the Treasurer, President, Board and Finance Chair.
  6. All financial reports must be completed prior to the Board meeting which is held on the second Thursday of each month.

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