Front-End Web Designer

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Front-End Web Designer

Chino, California




Job Description

Insurance company in Chino, CA looking for a remote Front End Web Designer


This is a remote positin an will be anywhere from 20 to 40 hours a week. 

Starting Pay $21 - $30 depending on expereince.


Front-End Web Designer


Basic qualifications/requirements include but are not limited to:

- Ability to work within a source control environment (Git - prefer BitBucket)

- Ability to work on multiple in-flight projects with different timelines and may be different technologies (UI/UX - need

- Ability to work with Utility-First CSS Frameworks and Preprocessors (CSS/SCSS/Less/Sass - prefer TailwindCSS/UI and PostCSS)

- Ability to work with package managers (NuGet/npm/yarn - prefer NuGet in Visual Studio 2017 and higher)

- Ability to work with native .net libraries avoiding excessive external dependencies unless a required integration (such as

- Ability to work within shell/terminal (Git CLI/Command/PowerShell/SSH/Bash - prefer MS Build on PowerShell)

- Ability to work with native JavaScript as well as frameworks (JS/jQuery - prefer jQuery Slim 3.5+)

- Ability to work with prototyping and design tools (Adobe XD/Canva/InVision - prefer Adobe XD)


Required Skills:

- Design and prototyping experience with SDLC/UML

- TailwindCSS/UI, Bootstrap 4, Material Design

- Responsive mobile-first using WebForms

- Forward design for with Core and MVC 5 in C#

- Security-first design (minimal client-side JS, no client-side XHR, maximum server-side processing, codebehind requests)

- Basic client-side validation (without plugin), error handling (API response) and feedback (display/notification)

- Create UI mockups, UI/UX wireframes and detailed documentation


- Create and develop clean, well-tested, quality code according to spec, on time, and on budget

- Create and maintain organized, project and application documentation including change logs, bug tracking, comments

- Collaborate closely with lead senior software engineer to integrate UI/UX with codebehind API response content

- Help scope project requests by breaking down large tasks into measurable pieces

- Quickly learn new technologies or tools necessary to meet project requirements


Job Requirements:

- 3+ years of expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery frameworks and libraries

- Proficient with responsive design concepts, mobile optimization and performance principles

- Understanding of SEO best practices, schema markup, accessibility standards, browser compatibility, and page speed optimization

- Experience with a back-end scripting language such as C# necessary for collabortion with back-end developer

- Familiarity with databases (Oracle) and how dynamic lists, tables and data is presented

- Knowledge of data structures and design patterns.

- Experience using Visual Studio (prefer 2019 but 2017 is acceptible)

- Experience using GIT or similar code repository and best practices

- Experience with Webforms and MVC hybrid model (prepare for future .net Core MVC)

- Ability to work as a member of a critical team, learn from and share with peers

- Excellent communication, organizational and time management skills, familiarity with SCRUM/Agile a plus



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