Entry Level Calibration/Service Technician

Job Details

Entry Level Calibration/Service Technician

Redlands, California




Job Description

Local manufacturing company in the Redlands is seeking an/a Entry Level Calibration/Service Technician to join their team! The company has been in operation since 1962 and manufacture of environmental monitoring instrumentation for cleanrooms in controlled and regulated environments. Please call our office (909)792-1252.



  • Able to read electronic schematics.
  • Able to understand common electronic circuits, including Op Amp and digital circuitry.
  • Able to troubleshoot effectively, viz., being able to isolate failures to the system involved, to determine possible causes, and to establish a procedure for verifying or eliminating the possible causes of the failure.
  • Able to rework electronic circuits
  • Able to use required test and measurement equipment, including Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Pulse Height Analyzers and CNC/DMA system.
  • Able to calibrate current models of Climet Aerosol Particle Counters.

Routine duties

  • Test and align circuit boards and assemblies, as required, according to written procedures and/or verbal instructions.
  • Calibrate sensors and assembled units according to written procedures.
  • Troubleshoot electronic failures and sensor problems and take actions required to repair the non-conforming assembly.
  • Inspect and evaluate the quality of performance, mechanical integrity, workmanship, and cosmetic appearance of all assemblies and instruments upon which the technician works.
  • Complete all test and calibration forms required for the testing and calibration of instruments upon which the technician works, including calibration certification documents.


  • Maintain a clean, orderly, and safe work area.
  • Make sure measurement and test equipment in work area has a current calibration and is in proper working order; report all variances to Q.A. for correction.
  • Learn and observe company policies and procedures, including those affecting safety and relations with other employees, as well as job related procedures, such as correctly recording job completions and filling out parts requisition forms.
  • Learn to test and calibrate newly released products, or existing products that have not been mastered.
  • Write up all non-conforming product according to current NCR procedures.
  • Perform all other duties, as assigned.


This position has no educational prerequisites. Prefer high school diploma or GED (General Education Diploma). Some prior experience within the electronics and mechanical assembly fields is preferred.

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